Journal Entry #1

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Journals are a very personal to a lot of people. Keeping a journal helps organize your thoughts and keeps your head in check. Personally, writing in a journal helps me when I feel stressed and all over the place. My friends often ask me what I write in my journal and I always tell them, "Whatever I'm feeling or whatever I'm thinking". With writing I feel like I am pouring my soul to someone and that someone just sits and listens to me which I really like. I also think keeping a journal is a good way to talk about things you are afraid to talk about with a real human being. 

The best time to write in your journal is when you feel inspired and emotional because you get the most genuine words of what you want to say at that moment, and you get to put it on paper. Those are times wherein you aren't trying too hard to force yourself to write something. I usually write on my journal while I'm meditating or right after I do so. I really do recommend you guys to try it at some point. You can literally write or draw anything on your journal. Jot down lists, how your day was, dreams, goals or what song is stuck in your head. Carry it with you everywhere, you'd be surprised to see how much has changed when you read back entries from when you started journaling. 

Below are scans of a couple pages I wrote from my journal a few weeks ago. These pages were random thoughts I had and a page of what I imagine my future to be like if things went "my way".  I hope it gives you ideas for your journal. 
"What Inspires Me"

"If I had it my way, I would wake up in a beach house, lying in soft cotton sheets. I have no desire for marble doors or expensive fridges. I want my house to feel cozy and inspiring. I want my house to be filled with meaningful and cozy furniture. Things like a dresser from a flea market. Soft sunlight peering through my window. I'd be cooking myself breakfast while an open window lets the salt air whirl through and in my house. I imagine 'Beats of Burden' by The Stones playing as I cook and dance around. A pug, fawn pug specifically, would be great company. Other times I imagine waking up early to go down to the beach and meditate with the ocean waves. These are things I imagine myself doing before taking on the world."
"You don't get to choose your race, gender, sexuality, culture, family, economic class, beauty, medical condition, body type, your religion. It is given to you by your parents. But you know what you do and can get to change? Your outlook on life, how kind you are to those who were/are born different than you. You get to choose how you tolerate things, you control your words. You choose to help or hurt, to ignore or to engage. You cannot change your skin but you can change how beautiful your soul is."

Hope this helps and inspires you.
All my love,

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