Summer 2015: First Memory

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It's summary! FINALLY. I can have more chances to blog!
I'm starting thid series in my blog g wherein I record summer outings because I want to keep track of the things I do this summer and look back when school starts again. 

First outing of thr summer was our class farewell party. This was held at my friend's house in Vista Montana.

It was really fun because it was a bbq/pool party type of party. AND! This post isn't just a normal post, this one is a collaboration! 
The person I'm collabing with is my dear close friend, Mikhaella Rubic or 'Mikhay' as I call her.

Our friend's house was such a good place to take photos so we decided to collaborate! Although we didn't really prepare an outfit for this party. but we were contented to blog what we had on.

Here are the photos we took:

On me:
Top - Zara
Shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - CMG

On Mikhay:
Top -  Forever 21
Shorts - Mikhaella doesn't remember where she got it. lolll
Shoes - Converse
Shades - Ray Ban

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this and have a happy summer! 

Oh, and don't forget to check out Mikhay's blog: 

Til the next post! xxb

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