#TravelPhotoDiary : Semestral Break 2014

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Hi guys! So sorry that I haven't posted for a few months now. I've been really busy with school and if ever I have free time I use it to just lounge around at home. But now since it's Semestral break I get to blog about something ey?

Okay so, 2 weeks ago was Semestral break. My family and family friends spent the whole week together.

We went to 2 places this week, Bantayan Island & Shangrila Resorts and Hotels.

Now I put a hashtag in the title '#TravelPhotoDiary' because I will be doing a new series.
The purpose for this is so I can show you guys the different places I will SOON go to.

Okay, I'll stop rambling and just let you go on with the post.


Meet my friend, Julia. (She likes to think that she's fabulous)


Here below we have me attempting to put male up on Julia.

Thursday night we had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called Maya.

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