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A blog post!!! Finally!!!!

I'll start by saying I'm sorry (AGAIN) for the delay. But it wasn't that long of a wait, right???

Anyways I'll stop blabbering & actually get to the point of this post.

So as you can see the title of this blog post is called "Basics". Well I chose this as the title because my outfit is consisted with mostly the basic colours of fashion.

Black and White.

I've been told that these two colours are both simple yet can make any outfit look classy.

For my outfit I wore my Kimono from Greenhills, Black sleeveless from Forever 21 and Black skirt from Greenhills.

My favourite part of this whole outfit are my shoes. I wore my black creepers from Topshop, I got these on sale for like 399 pesos! From 1,500 to 399!!!
I was really happy and I just had to get them!

I love how the creepers trend come in all different designs and can help add edge to your outfit.

My black bag is from Terranova and my ring (which can't be seen in the pictures above) is from Regalo's.
I also wore a statement necklace i can't remember the brand but my Aunt from Australia got it for me.

These colours flatter almost everyone and that's basically why people own more black and white clothes in their wardrobe. 

I mean I, myself do own a lot of black and white.

But I advise to not always stick with black and white, try playing around with different prints and colours!

Try something new and step out of your comfort zone. You never know you might just be a step closer to finding your style!

Guys, I really do hope this makes up for lost time! 
It feels good to be posting again!

I hope you enjoyed this post and gave you an idea on how to wear the new trend (creepers) that's been going around recently! 

I'll probably make a post focusing on the said trend though. 

So yeah, please do comment and request anything you want me to post!

Love you guys so much for spending time to read this post!

Til' next time,
Xx B

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  1. Wow! Your outfit is really edgy! You have great sense in fashion for a teenage girl. Mature in fashion sense huh. Keep it up! Love it!

  2. Awwwe. Thanks! :D i checked out your tumblr as well! All of the tips are very useful!