#TravelDiary & NEWS - Casablanca Resort, Olango Island

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Second post of the summer!
I haven't been posting since March because of the "big" announcement, which is me moving to New Zealand!!!! WHAT!? I know... 

Over these past months I have been so busy packing & prepping for the big move to the point that this is the first beach I've been to since summer started.

Anyways, Olango Island is really really nice. If you ever plan on visiting I highly recommend Casablanca resort. 
The service is really good and the people here are so nice! Plus the landscape design is gorgeous.

See for yourself...

Smile because I'm picturing you. 

Short post but I felt like I needed to post content! Happy to be blogging again!

I will blog more once I get to NZ because I don't start classes til July! 

See you in my next post!

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