The moment I have been waiting for finally came

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The day finally came...

Harry Styles has released his debut solo album and I have been in my feels ever since.
If you didn't know this about me, I kind of have a slight admiration for the singer. I mean, yeah, he's cute and all but he is just nice to admire? Like every time he does something, it's always so effortless. I don't even know if that makes sense. ANYWAYS. Back to the point: Harry Styles by Harry Styles.

The album as a whole is everything I expected from him and more. I kind of knew what sound to expect based on the kind of music he says he listens to but I was so impressed! It fits his "aesthetic", if you will. I love every single song and I hope people who are skeptical of Harry give it a chance. I loved all the songs lyrically and musically. 

1. Meet Me in the Hallway
- I really loved this song, mainly because you can just tell and feel that it is a personal song. It has an indie vibe to it especially with the guitar. I was surprised that he opened the album with a song like this.

2. Sign of the Times
- I mean, BOWIE VIBES. I really love the part when he sings, "why are we always stuck and running from the bullets". The guitar. THE GUITAR. I know you know what I mean when I say that.

3. Carolina
- I just found out who and what the song is about and that the person who the song is about knows it's about them. Carolina is such a bop, it's a song that lightens up the mood and it's just such a fun song in general. And the use of instruments in the riff reminds me of 'Stuck in the middle with You'. A BOP.

4. Two Ghosts
- This song instantly puts you in a sad mood. I get the same vibes as I do when I hear 'Something' by The Beatles. It's a song that makes you feel the hurt he must've felt in this song. I really liked the lyrics for the songs, as sad as they are. It's a beautiful song.

5. Sweet Creature
- Sweet Creature is such a simple song and the concept is sweet and is literate. It makes me feel so 'home-y'. 

6. Only Angel
- Let me tell you how much I was close to screaming when a beat dropped. I was so shocked. My wig was snatched. I thought it was going to be a sweet and emotional song because it started with the ending piano notes from Sign of the Times but I did not know what was coming for me. The vocals are amazing. This is the song I was waiting to hear from Harry and I vibe to this song so much. 

7. Kiwi
- Now, Kiwi was the song I was so unsure of how it would sound just judging by the title. I wasn't expecting it to sound like this but I love it. Also, the vocals are so good. Although I am still trying to analyse what the lyrics mean, so far I've only unraveled metaphors that Harry could have used.

8. Ever Since New York
- Ever since Harry sang this song on SNL I have been wanting the studio version of it. The studio version is so much more calm and slow compared to when he sings it live. I just really love how simple it is. 

9. Woman
- I LOVE WOMAN. It's one of those 'feel myself' songs and I can't believe Harry wrote this song. I especially love the 'La, la, la, la, la, la, la' part. He sounds so good in this song.

10. From the Dining Table
- Immediately reminded me of Oasis, straight away. While listening to the song for the first time I listened to the lyrics closely and it's such a sad song? I think it's about someone leaving him? I don't know, that's just my interpretation. My heart hurts listening to this song. 

Aaaaand, we are done! I already said this but I really hope Harry gets noticed and appreciated for the hard work he has put into this album. It was such an experience getting to listen to the songs and focus on the intentions of each track. The album exceeded my expectations and I am so happy he put this out. God bless, Harry Styles for putting his artistry out into the world.
This was a really random post but I really love this album and thought the world needs to know how great the album is and Harry as well, as an artist.

Til next time,
Bianca x

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