What's In My Bag (Airport Essentials)

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Hi guys! I haven't been blogging lately because I was too lazy and I had nothing to blog about. I know it's not really an excuse but hey, just 2 more weeks then it's summer for me!

Which means I can blog more since I already have plans on what I'll be doing this summer. 

I had the chance to do this post because last February 21 was actually my birthday! Yes I'm 15... As a present from my parents they took me to manilaaaaa.

Anyway on to the point of this post.
(This will be really short btw.)

Here are my essentials when I travel!

So everytime I travel I tend to bring a bigger bag than normal because the problem with me is whenever I travel I always shop (obviously) & i get lazy in bringing the shopping bags. So in the result of that I just have to put it in my bag so I won't have to bring as much.

Bag: Abercrombie & Fitch

Next, my make up kit.

I always make sure to bring my make up kit with me because whenever I get off the plane I always look gross and tired and horrid because I always get the early morning flights which is around 6am that means I have to get up at around 4am in the morning & my parents always make sure to be early so I don't have time to do my make up at home.

And I always do my 'retouches' every now and then.

The next one is one of the important ones that I need with me everytime I travel. 

My notebook/planner and pen.

I bring this notebook around with me because this has all my reminders in it and the dates & all that other stuff.
The things I have to go to or buy are in here and it's really useful for me. And maybe if I get ideas on what to blog I also jot them down.

For the fourth essential are my sanitizer and lotion

I always make sure to bring these two around because one we're going to the airport and I don't think it's a very clean place and I'll be going to toilets and stuff and through out the trip I know I'll keep touching my face and I don't want to touch my face with dirty hands.

For lotion my skin tends to dry at the times I least expect them to dry. And I just don't like the feeling of super dry hands,  so yeah lotion is a big NEED for me. 

Next is my wallet, I bring this everywhere I go even if I'm not traveling. Cause you never know when you'll need it for emergencies.
Wallet: Aeropostale

This one is another thing that is important for me to have even when I'm not traveling. 

My cellphone. Obviously I need this to call and text especially when I travel my phone is extra important incase I get lost in a mall and I can't find my parents.
We don't want that happening now, do we?

Last but definitely not the least my EarPods and my prescription glasses.

Of course I need my glasses in my bag because I can't read and see properly without them and my parents are gonna kill me if I don't wear them.

Earphones, everyone has to have a pair for music. I use these when I'm on the plane cause honestly it helps me in not getting headache on the plane. 
I know weird.

And yeah, that is it for this blogpost!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

I really appreciate it! :)

God bless. Xx

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