A Convocation With Old Friends || First Collaboration

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Uhhhh... Hi! I know I said in my last post that I'll blog more during summer but I haven't been posting.

I can honestly tell you that the past few weeks I've been busy & when I get the time to just stay at home I lounge around and sleep til noon.

I'm sooooooo sorry! 
But hey! At least I've posted right? 
Better late than never. (?)

On to the point of this post...

So last week I met up with a few friends of mine that I haven't been able to talk to and hang out with as much. 

So I thought about it & asked one of my friends, Samantha,who's 'stuckbeingsam' on tumblr,  when she's free to hang out. 
We both decided to do a collab while we have the time together & Earla, on tumblr she's known as 'viewoftherealist', she asked if she could join since people have been asking for both of us to do a fashion collab.

So that's how all of "this" started!

On to the outfits!

First off: Earla

Earla told me that she went for the 'bohemian' look since Coachella's coming up. 

My favourite thing about her outfit is how she used her brown button up blouse as her cover up cause it really compliments her romper.

What's on Earla:

Romper - this doesn't have a brand but she said her mom bought it from a friend.
Button up blouse - from an online shop
Shoes - SM Department Store
Bag - hand me down
Bracelet - Terranova
Watch - Casio

Next is me:

People always end up wearing bright colours cause it's summer but I wanted to be different and add a bit of 'vintage/ edginess' to "Summer".

That's why I paired the shorts that I'm wearing in the photos & my Doc Martens.
The print of my 'pajama shorts' go well with the color of my shoes. 
This is where the 'edge' comes in.

What's on me:
Kimono - Greenhills
Black Singlet - Kirkland
Shorts - Cotton On
Shoes - Doc Martens
Owl Necklace - One of my best friends gave it to me.
Bag - Promod (*i know I'm not wearing one in the photos above but you'll see when you scroll down.)

Last but not the least Samantha:

For Sam's outfit I asked her why she chose the shorts she wore & she told me that lace reminds her for summer & she wore her black top cause it flows whenever she moves & she thought it really went well with her outfit.

What's on Sam:
Blouse - Plains & Prints
Shorts - Sunny Side Up
Shoes - Primadonna
Bracelet - SM Accessories
Watch - Tupperware (her words: 'cause I'm cool like that.')
Bag - Gucci

That's it for the outfits! 

If you scroll further more you'll see photos of us goofing around & just basically having fun with each other's company!

 That's me attempting to be a Koala but obviously failed.

In the picture above me and Sam actually have a love-hate relationship.

Hehehe me attempting to be 'poised'.
Such a struggle.

Well that's most of the photos!

To end this post I just wanna say thank you so much for reading my blog!
I just reached a thousand reads so I'm really thankful & happy.

I didn't even think people actually read my blog...

But anyways the day I spent with Earla & Sam was so good
We talked and catched up on what's going on with our lives & the people we've met while being apart.

I hope to do more collabs soon!

Thank you and God bless!

b. Xx

(lol at our faces in these photos.)

p.s. If you'd like please do comment or send me a message on my tumblr! :)


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