SHS-AdC's JS Prom

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Hello! Long time no post.

Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a long time it's because there's nothing interesting to blog about and I was waiting for my sister's prom so I can show you guys! 

As you have read from the title this blog post will be about my school's Junior-Senior Prom, specifically my sister's prom dress. 

I wasn't there during the event cause I was over at my friend's house so I didn't get to take much pictures but don't sweat I told my mom to do it for me.

Without further adue here is my sister's 

The theme for this year's prom was "Moonlight in Paris"

My sister went for the 'soft look' for this year, wearing a long peachy pink gown.

This gown has a Santana fit to it which is very very fitting.
If you couldn't see this dress has a tool that goes from her neck up to her chest with bits of beads.

And there are just some French lace details going on at the front with a bit of beading.

Her earrings are these long beaded silver ones from forever 21 and she used this silver clutch which we got from Macau.

For her hair she had it in a side bun with some pearl stones scattered & she left out her bangs to finish it off.

Before I say bye I'd like to tell you guys that this coming Saturday, February 22nd I'll be going to Manila so tell me if you guys would want me to blog about my trip or do an ootd! :)

Just comment below! :)

That's about it! Thank you guys so much for reading! :) till the next post!

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  1. Wow she looks beautiful! Can you please do an airport ootd or essentials? :)