A day in the Mountains

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Hi guys! This is blog post is an outfit post + the place that I went that day.

Last week, Saturday my family and my mom's cousin along with her husband & daughter we went to the mountains in Busay, to the private garden/farm of my dad's friend. 

We spent the whole afternoon there, we had lunch there and just talked. My parents were so happy that there wasn't wifi there. 

I'm posting this because I want you to see the garden because it is so beautiful. The owner works on landscape and interior (or at least that what I heard my dad say) he's really good at his job.

Here are some pictures I took 

This chandelier is so pretty!!! 

Outfit time! 

:D all pictures taken of my outfit goes to my sister, Bea

- White Spaghetti: Greenhills
- Army green jacket: Forever 21

Necklace: Manila (from the best friend)

-Shorts: Greenhills

Shoes: White Converse

That's it for this post :)

So I think I won't be able to post for the next few days because school starts again.

Thank you guys again :)

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