Travel Diary: B and E take Sumner!

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........ Sad excuse of a blogger, I know. To be honest, I haven't been inspired to post/blog lately and I'm in a rut of not knowing what content to post. I've been busy with catch up college and preparing paperwork for University starting this February and I haven't been going out of the house as much. BUT! Just yesterday I went to Sumner Beach with one of my best friends, Emma. Sumner Beach is kind of like our budget version of Hawaii lol. 

We had a nice and relaxing day at the beach just catching up because Emma and I haven't hung out since December because we've both been super busy. So yeah, this beach date was really fun just sitting by the beach (obvi). We had fish and chips and sorbet too. IT WAS PERFECT.
WARNING! The following  photos may urge you to go to the beach.

Hope you enjoy this travel diary! Haven't done one in a while, more to come in a few months!! Cause I have exciting news I'll tell soon! x

- B x

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